We are delighted have the Miss Edna Mae's southern foods & homemade ice cream brand as a sponsor affiliate to The Shower Security.

The Miss Edna Mae's brand is one that represents the very same core values that we here at The Shower Security believe in.

We are also excited that Miss Edna Mae's will be announcing the opening of the Atlanta location of Miss Edna Mae's southern food & homemade ice cream!

Delicious Flavors
*Creamy vanilla bean 16oz $10
*Southern peach cobbler 16oz $10
*Red velvet cookies & cream 16oz $10
*Creamy chocolate w/ chewy chocolate fudge brownie 16oz $10

We're sorry folks, but the order & add to cart options are only available Mondays & Tuesdays 12pm-5pm EST. So y'all go ahead & get ya orders in!

*No artificial ingredients-all ingredients are homemade, farm grown & organic *We use 100% grass fed milk.

Min. Order - 5

A taste of the good old days in every bite!

MISS EDNA MAE'S apparel is a collection of her witty, thought provoking, and encouraging sayings that feeds the soul.

Avaliable styles: Long & short sleeve t-shirts, Pull over & Zip-up hoodies Women-Men-Kids

Hours of Operation - MONDAYS & TUESDAYS
12PM - 5PM EST

**Apparel is shipped 3- 5 days after order is placed.